The Very Best of John Williams

The Very Best of
John Williams

Live in concert


Excerpts from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, E.T., Superman and Schindler´s List, amongst others, will be performed as part of this new production. Producer is the Austrian impresario Matthias Georg Kendlinger. With his concert promoting company DaCapo, founded 1994, he gives around 100 concerts throughout Europe each year. Soon after the founding of his own orchestra – the K&K Philharmoniker – the ensemble established itself as by far the best touring ensemble in the field of classical music. This is clearly reflected online with more than 12 million YouTube views. John Williams’ music interpreted live by the best touring orchestra that Europe has to offer – plus a magnificent light show – this is a promise for PURE GOOSE BUMPS!



Conductor: Matthias G. Kendlinger
Orchestra: K&K Philharmoniker (approx. 90 persons)
Conferencier: Well-known local personality (yet to be determined)



To give you an idea of how the main theme from Schindler´s List could look on your stage, look into the following video. Our new production “The Very Best of John Williams” with the K&K Philharmoniker will be comparable. The video shows an ensemble from the Netherlands.

Convince yourself of the quality of the K&K ensemble by looking into the highlights of “Carmina Burana” recorded in the Konzerthaus Berlin here.

Possible time periods

A: 29-11-19 – 08-12-19 (Fri., Sat., Sun. incl. conferencier)
B: 03-04-20 – 12-04-20 (Fri., Sat., Sun. incl. conferencier)


Heidi Bösenberg
tel. 0043/(0)5373/43334-27